This is the website of the Friends of Helmshore Textile Museum and you are welcome to look at our pages and see what we are doing.

The aim of the Friends is to promote, support, assist and generally further the purpose of the Helmshore Mills Textile Museum by voluntary action and fund raising activities.

The museum itself consists of two mills; the Higher Mill which is a woollen fulling mill built in 1789 and driven by a water wheel. Whitaker's Mill was built in the mid 19th century and is a specialised cotton spinning mill, starting from waste recycled cotton and finishing with mule spun yarn. There are other significant exhibits including a full size Hargreaves Spinning Jenny and a portrait of Sir Richard Arkwright.  All exhibits are described by means of extensive video presentations and informative plaques.  Local schools make  full use of the museum as part of their educational programmes.

The Higher Mill is owned by a Trust but operated by Lancashire County Council. Whitaker's Mill is both owned and operated by Lancashire County Council.

For information about visiting the museum, opening times, the café as well as a guided tour on line, please refer to the website:

and look for the Helmshore Textile Museum link via venues.